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Crypto Casino Finder’s Privacy Policy

All that is needed to know about gambling with crypto is available at Crypto Casino Finder. The site was built by crypto experts who are also fond of online casinos.

The purpose of our reviews is to help gamblers learn more about what they can expect when they play at a specific casino. On this page, we detail our privacy policies and data gathering practices.

Dealing With Safety

We at Crypto Casino Finder want you to feel safe when you use our site. It’s our goal to constantly improve our site and protect your information. We do not need any other information about you except a “cookie” that’s automatically stored when you enter our site.

Cookie Usage

Cookies help CryptoCasinoFinder.com improve the user experience. As a result, we’re able to identify areas for improvement, which helps users. Cookies do not track your activities outside of our website. Further, cookies do not contain any identifying or personal information.

User Privacy

If you accept our cookies, no personal information is provided to us. The cookies on our site remember you when you visit so that you have an improved experience. This site uses cookies to track visitors’ behavior. In this way, we can see what pages you are visiting and how long you spend there, or what links you are clicking.

Outbound Links

Despite the fact we do not collect personal information about our users, we cannot guarantee this when they use our site to visit another website. Third-party companies may share data with casinos, but we don’t. Clicking links on our site may lead you to another website with a different privacy policy. This policy applies only to our website.


Our site uses an SSL certificate to encrypt all traffic. No one can access the cookies we collect from our users over a secure connection. User data, including banking details, is protected by security protocols like SSL. These details are not collected by us, so this might seem ridiculous. It’s just a precaution to prevent your browsing from being compromised.

User Feedback

If you have questions about our privacy policy or how to use our site, please use our contact page.

Questions & Answers

What information does Crypto Casino Finder gather from users?

Cookies are used by CryptoCasinoFinder.com to collect data about its users’ browsing habits. No personal information is stored in the cookies, they simply allow us to analyze how people use our site.

Do you use SSL at Crypto Casino Finder?

To ensure that sensitive data remains anonymous from hackers, Crypto Casino Finder uses SSL encryption.