Best Crypto Casinos & Bitcoin Gambling Sites

It can be difficult to find crypto casinos that meet all your needs. We have spent hours reviewing new Bitcoin casino sites so users can choose which is the best. Our website hosts a diverse set of online casino types from around the world. We do our research so that we’re able to review and evaluate these casinos as if they were our own. Additionally, our website is constantly being updated, so that you can access every current bonus & promo deal available in the industry today.

Our Crypto Casino Review Process

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Our gambling experience has taught us several metrics for evaluating, rating, and reviewing crypto coin casinos. Most crypto casinos fail to deliver what they promise. 

By analyzing and reviewing Bitcoin casinos anonymously, we can attempt to predict what users will encounter when creating accounts there. Before we write our casino reviews, we consider the following factors.

Casino Security, Provably Fair & Licensing

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Generally, crypto casinos tend to be safer than regular ones, but this does not mean all of them are. Gaming sites with licensed and secured environments have a higher level of legitimacy. 

There are gaming licenses issued by MGA, UKGC, Curacao, among others. It must be clear to players that licensees are reputable and trustworthy. The rules for bonuses should also be upheld. 

To ensure each license is legitimate and valid, our team reviews it. Furthermore, we make sure that the sites protect your details with 128-bit SSL encryption and that all payment methods, including 2FA, are properly protected.

Accepted Cryptocurrencies

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Crypto casinos must accept a wide range of cryptocurrencies. The most common cryptocurrency is Bitcoin, but for crypto casinos, we search for ones that don’t restrict your playing options to just that. 

As such, an online casino that calls itself a “Bitcoin casino” must accept three cryptocurrencies at the very least. The platforms on our website accept Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, and Litecoin. 

Since more Bitcoin casinos pop up and become popular, it becomes harder for casinos to be considered crypto-casinos.

Promos & Bonuses

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There are many bonuses and promotions offered by casinos. This good deal allows you to enjoy higher stakes than you would normally enjoy at Bitcoin casinos, or just to have a bigger budget. 

Bitcoin casinos tend to be very demanding when it comes to bonuses and promotions. Therefore, all the crypto casinos listed on this site offer a generous welcome bonus. Check out the bonuses some casinos offer visitors from Crypto Casino Finder, as they may be better than usual.

Everything About Cryptocurrency Casinos & Bitcoin Gambling

Bitcoin is at the forefront of cryptocurrency development, as well as of the Blockchain movement overall. Crypto Casino Finder aims to help players identify the best crypto and Bitcoin casino platforms.

Choosing the best Bitcoin casino may be a challenge with so many options available. Feeling overwhelmed certainly makes sense. Can you use your favorite coin to gamble? How many cryptocurrency games are there? How do websites differ? These questions and more.

All the information about customer support, bonuses, and other crypto casino concerns has been covered. We’re pleased to say we’ve compiled an excellent resource for beginners and seasoned BTC casino players alike. Also, we only review the best crypto & Bitcoin casinos.

Benefits of Gambling Using Cryptocurrencies & Bitcoin

The gaming industry has become highly regulated because of a constant stream of new rules. Therefore, cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin help to solve this issue.

A physical cryptocurrency coin.
Cryptocurrency coins in physical form.

In Bitcoin casinos, players can process payments without the limitations imposed by banks. Cryptocurrencies offer even more than that.


Crypto Casino Finder prefers Bitcoin and other crypto coins due to their decentralized nature. Since no banks or government are involved, your money is your own. With a Bitcoin casino, you can transfer funds anonymously. As well, your cash cannot be frozen.

Transfer Fees

The business of selling e-commerce products needs to employ some means of generating revenues in the form of transferring funds on behalf of customers. Nearly every payment method used in the crypto casino industry has a high fee.

In contrast, Blockchain transaction fees tend to be significantly less than fees charged by many other Bitcoin casinos. This means you will receive a larger win compared to using traditional casinos. More money means more gameplay.

Player Verification

The best reason for this is transparency, which is one of the reasons for the public ledger, which ensures all transactions are visible. Therefore, you can prove both you have made a withdrawal and it has been processed by a crypto casino.

Worldwide Availability

Cryptocurrency’s goal is to simplify and accelerate payments without any intervention from banks or governments. Without national or institutional censorship, cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin function just as equally no matter the location from which the user is operating.


Your personal information is not visible in Bitcoin transactions. Transactions are visible to everyone, but only the amount is monitored. Your details are not needed to play your preferred games at crypto casinos. Bank or credit card statements will not show transactions made there.

Crypto-Gambling & Its Disadvantages

All endeavors have advantages and drawbacks. Even if something is beneficial, some people are afraid of trying it. Consider these factors if you’re thinking about gambling with cryptocurrencies.

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A deck of cards and a stack of poker chips.

Access to Recourse Is Limited

You might not be able to resolve problems with a transaction on the blockchain, since it’s non-proprietary. Most crypto casinos and wallet providers have no control over the outcome after a wager is made. 

Furthermore, a compromised crypto wallet could permanently wipe out funds, resulting in little chance of recovery. So, using a decent crypto wallet and making sure your funds are safe and secure is vital. This guide has covered this extensively.

Reversing Payments & Chargebacks

If there is a problem in the casino, you cannot go back and reverse your payment. Crypto Casino Finder recommends reputable Bitcoin casinos for this reason.


Another unique aspect of cryptocurrencies is their volatility. Thus, it can be an opportunity, given the rise in Bitcoin’s value, but it can also go the other way. Volatility is only a problem when you convert crypto coins into fiat currency at Bitcoin casinos. The conversion could also lead to a gain in value.

Which Crypto Casino Should You Choose?

Reviewers from Crypto Casino Finder help you find the best Bitcoin and crypto casinos and provide an overview of the industry. Each of our casino reviews provides information on the following points.

  • Any Bitcoin casino you consider playing at should accept any cryptocurrency you prefer. You’ll also want to check the catalog of games.
  • If you don’t only want to play casino games, check out our guides for Sports Betting, Dice, and Poker as well.
  • Free spins, match bonuses, or a combination of both may be offered by some Bitcoin casinos. But don’t let this influence your decision too much since bonuses are temporary benefits. Choose the Bitcoin casino with a better bonus if two casinos offer you similar benefits.
  • It is best to check out which countries are restricted from playing at the casino you are interested in by visiting our review page for the casino and taking a closer look.

The Importance of Safety

One of the most important factors to remember whenever using a crypto casino is keeping your personal and financial details safe online. Using Bitcoins, you can gamble online securely and dependably.

The safety of Bitcoin transactions makes hacking extremely difficult. Crypto wallets are accessed through your login details, including two-factor authentication.

Choose Legitimate Websites

Stick to trustworthy websites when choosing a Bitcoin casino. A casino’s reputation and performance history can be found on Trustpilot. According to the casino’s past behavior, its future performance can be predicted. On our site, we verify reviews for legitimacy, so you don’t have to.

Choosing Your Password

In an online casino, it’s even more crucial to use a strong password when making a financial transaction. It’s important to choose a unique, secure password.

Passwords should contain letters, numbers, and special characters. Some Bitcoin casinos no longer offer this option. In case you intend to register for multiple cryptocurrency casinos, a unique password is optional. 

Lastly, change your passwords regularly and never share them. The use of software that generates random passwords and tracks them could be an alternative solution to this problem, as it eliminates the chance of being caught by keyloggers. To help you with this, Google Password Manager is a great choice.

Beware of Phishing

Scams designed to steal personal information are called phishing scams. Never click on a link in an email that asks for your personal information. 

A website should never ask you to send sensitive information via email. Delete the message even if it appears to be from a Bitcoin casino you trust. 

You can always check if it’s them by logging on to their website. These things should be double-checked.

Trust Within Exchanges

Using reputable exchanges like Binance, Coinbase, or Bitfinex is essential. Don’t buy crypto on forums as you don’t know who you’re dealing with.

Storing Your Cryptos

Daily transactions are most convenient through an online wallet or app. Hardware wallets are safer but less convenient. You can use hardware wallets for your daily crypto, and online wallets for the rest.

Crypto Casino Bonuses

Some of the best Bitcoin and fiat sites offer generous bonus offers. Understand the terms and conditions before accepting any bonus, so you’re not overcommitting. Below are some examples of the different bonus types offered by top Bitcoin casinos.

Deposit Bonus

Most bonus types match your first deposit, up to a certain percentage. A no-deposit bonus is also common. You’ll get a deposit match up to a certain amount.

Some Bitcoin casinos will offer you a more comprehensive welcome bonus, to boost your winnings across each deposit. These offers last longer, so take advantage of them when you can.

In our mBit review, you’ll find a selection of games to play and excellent bonuses. The website supports a wide range of cryptos.

No-Deposit Bonus

What is a Bitcoin casino no-deposit bonus? Bonuses like this can be claimed without depositing. No-deposit bonuses tend to be smaller than welcome bonuses. Because there is no financial commitment, this is not unreasonable. You’ll usually get a no-deposit bonus by opening a new account.

In our full Mystake review, you will discover that the casino offers great bonuses and a large selection of games to choose from. A good selection of cryptos is supported on this website.

Free Spins

Free spins come in the form of match bonuses or new player bonuses at Bitcoin casinos. You can also give them exclusively during the welcome period. Free spins are sometimes available without a deposit.

No-Wagers Bonus

The wager-free bonus has no wagering requirements. This bonus allows players to play, withdraw, and claim it again without any limitations. It’s just one of many Bitcoin betting casino bonuses you can find online.

Reload Bonuses

Most cryptocurrency and Bitcoin casinos offer reload bonuses to regular players. Generally, they are similar to standard welcome bonus wagering requirements, so they’re a great option for frequent depositors.

Crypto Casino Customer Loyalty Rewards

If you decide to play at a cryptocurrency casino, find out what the casino’s loyalty program has to offer. Players at Bitcoin casinos are also rewarded with loyalty programs that give them the chance to use points toward bonuses and credits. 

If you like high-stakes games, you should look for a VIP program for high rollers so that you can receive exclusive benefits. 

The VIP program provides players with birthday gifts, top rewards, invitations to top-secret events, and even VIP hosts. Because of this, loyalty programs shouldn’t be underestimated, particularly if you are hoping to become a long-term customer.

Popular Accepted Cryptos at Casinos

A virtual currency such as Bitcoin is the most common and popular. As a result, some crypto casinos are only accepting Bitcoin for payments. However, thankfully, the number of cryptos being accepted is growing as well. 

No matter what cryptocurrency you prefer, it’s almost certain to be accepted by a popular Bitcoin gambling site. Below are a few popular cryptocurrencies that can be found at Bitcoin casinos.

Bitcoin (BTC)

Though Bitcoin payment transactions are not the fastest in the market, its high level of security more than compensates for that. That’s because Bitcoin operates on a self-contained network, which makes its security unmatched. It is also one of the reasons why the coin has become so successful.

One of Bitcoin’s most important qualities is its decentralization. Deposits can be made around the world without government interference. Bitcoin looks like a great cryptocurrency for online casinos in the long run, and that might not change anytime soon.

Ethereum (ETH)

In addition to Bitcoin, Ethereum is the most widely used cryptocurrency. The coin is the sole payment method accepted by some crypto casinos. Bitcoin users cannot process deposits as quickly as Ethereum users.

Ethereum is more challenging than Bitcoin because it is less secure. Despite its less secure nature, it remains a great option for online casino deposits. Its cheap and fast transactions make it even more appealing.

Bitcoin Cash (BCH)

Many aspects of BCH have been shared with Bitcoin. Although Bitcoin has one major flaw, its developers felt that Bitcoin Cash could help to overcome it.

A team of developers added advanced technology to Bitcoin code to speed up slow transaction times. Many online Bitcoin casinos use Bitcoin Cash because of its speed and ease of use.

Litecoin (LTC)

The first Litecoins were issued in 2011. Digital currency, like BTC, shares some similarities with it, but it also offers some advantages, including its lower price, faster transaction speed, and greater scalability.

By purchasing Litecoins with complete anonymity and security, you can top up your crypto-related casino account with Litecoin. Not only does Litecoin facilitate fast payments, but it is also practical in its use.

Cryptocurrency Wallets

The crypto wallet market is very competitive, so it’s necessary to choose a reputable product. The first rule is to pick a service that offers two-factor authentication. This method greatly improves your account security. Most users do not utilize two-factor authentication, so the hackers usually do not explore stolen accounts with this protection enabled, since there are plenty of accounts that can be hacked for a lot less effort.

Furthermore, your private keys need to be kept secure because if you lose them, all of your crypto funds will be lost. Therefore, you should avoid sharing your private keys with anyone. This is only applicable to physical wallets since e-wallets do not possess any private keys. Regarding your wallet, only your address should be shared. The Bitcoin casino website uses this address so it can send your winnings to you when you cash out.

Deposits & Withdrawals

In cryptocurrency casinos, deposits are completely safe, as all transactions are recorded in the public ledger. With the blockchain, this sophisticated technology helps shield players from nefarious scammers with its decentralized nature.

Depositing Your Cryptocurrencies

Before playing games on casino websites, you’ll need to have your virtual currency in an e-wallet and have already bought it. Here’s how to do it:

  1. After logging into your account, go to the deposit page of your favorite crypto casino site.
  2. Choose the cryptocurrency you wish to use.
  3. Pick your crypto wallet or grab an address through the casino.
  4. Your deposit amount must be entered on the platform.

If it’s your first deposit, don’t forget to take advantage of the welcome bonus. Finally, feel free to play all the casino games.

Generally speaking, cards and electronic wallets will be the preferred methods of payment. In addition to the mainstream methods such as MasterCard, Visa, Neteller, Skrill, and Trustly, most hybrid casinos provide more than one method of payment using crypto.

Cryptos are usually able to offer increased security and anonymity. However, it’s important to be aware that promotional and bonus options may be limited when using cryptos instead of conventional payment methods. But don’t worry: there are still many bonuses available at casinos that only accept cryptos.

Withdrawing Your Cryptocurrencies

Make sure you have finished fulfilling all the play-through requirements at a Bitcoin casino before you make your withdrawal. It’s as simple as that. If you want to make a withdrawal, here’s how to do it.

  1. Select your preferred withdrawal method on the withdraw page.
  2. Confirm withdrawal by entering the sum you wish to withdraw.

If you want instant casino withdrawals, check the casino’s policy before you play there to make sure it’s available.

Most Popular Crypto Gambling Games

There are some differences between crypto games and the ones you’ll find at traditional online casinos. Different casinos offer a different selection of games, but in general, you can use cryptocurrencies for all your favorite casino games, such as:

If you want a specific kind of online crypto game, you might want to check the casino you intend to join to make sure the games you want are there. Looking for other ways to gamble? Don’t forget to try Betting, Poker, and Lotteries.

Crypto gaming sites such as WildTornado also offer games you will not find in any other casino. Among the numerous games, you will find dice games that have a strong reputation with crypto players. Satoshi Dice and Bitcoin Dice are two dice games with a distinctive follower base.

With the growth of the crypto-industry, you’ll find a broader variety of games available in the future.

Crypto Casinos With Live Dealers

Featuring live dealers, online casinos have gained prominence of late. This technology allows players to interact with the dealer and each other, and it gives virtual casinos a competitive advantage. The player is permitted to have a nice, feeling of being in an actual casino.

Our 7Bit review reveals that 7Bit offers a large selection of games and a great selection of bonuses. There is a wide range of cryptos supported by this website.

Many crypto-related casinos offer cutting-edge live technology, multiple gaming tables, and a wide range of live games. In most cases, you can deposit while the game is in progress, allowing you to constantly top up your balance. You ought to possess your crypto keys beforehand, or at least have access to your online cryptocurrency wallet. Cloudbet and BitStarz are two reputable companies that offer great live dealer games.

Mobile Supported Crypto Casinos

Today, nearly every website you visit is mobile-friendly. This is true of crypto gambling sites as well. Most casinos like BetFury offer you the option of downloading mobile casino apps and other casinos have optimized their websites for mobile use. Essentially, you can play numerous casino games, but still not take up as much space on your phone, since the games are accessible online while keeping it within your browser.

In our Roobet review, we discovered that they have an extensive collection of games and excellent bonuses. You can use a variety of cryptos on this site.

On a mobile device, you will need to be able to access your digital wallet to be able to deposit coins. It is therefore crucial that you download your digital wallet onto your device so that you can do this. If you deposited on a desktop and now wish to use your mobile device to play the same casino, there’s no need to make a second deposit; the same wallet and bonuses are applicable on mobile.

Provably Fair Bitcoin Casinos

When it comes to the gambling industry, particularly cryptocurrencies and blockchain, they are still relatively new technologies. Consequently, there are legislative and regulatory restrictions in place. Several countries are in the process of drafting new laws to either allow or prohibit virtual betting.

Some have questioned the fairness of Bitcoin dice games, and games based on cryptocurrency. All casino games utilize Random Number Generators to determine the outcome, ensuring that the system is mostly fair.

There was no system in place to make sure outcomes were fair when crypto casinos were first introduced. As a result, the Provably Fair principle became more popular, now used by most legitimate virtual casinos.

Therefore, there is no need to manually audit a game when the games are proven to be fair in real-time. Only casinos that offer provably fair games are recommended by Crypto Casino Finder.

Verifying Provably Fair Casinos

A hashed seed number is provided when starting a provably fair game, and you’ll get the chance to supplement it. A seed is assigned after a bet is played. If the seed wasn’t tampered with, it makes the game provably fair.

The CasinoAdrenaline review revealed that they have an expansive selection of games and outstanding bonuses. There are a good variety of cryptos available on this site.

A proven fair game allows players to verify that the outcome of a game is truly mathematically random and untouched. Smart crypto companies use this method to assure that their games provide a safe and fair experience for their crypto gamblers. It enhances fairness, transparency, and trust by establishing provably fair games. It’s just another reason why we enjoy using them.

Casino Support Teams

Crypto gambling sites normally offer email, online forms, and/or ticketing systems for casino players to contact customer service representatives.

Casinos will occasionally offer support through phone and social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. Crypto Casino Finder tests the customer service before reviewing a site.

Terms & Conditions

There are detailed terms and conditions for every crypto casino, in addition to the bonus details. If you’re considering joining a casino that offers a welcome bonus, our team advises you to first review the casino’s terms and conditions.

We encourage you to pay attention to the terms and conditions of each casino we review on our website since they can wildly differ from one casino to another. We strongly suggest that you stay informed so that you can make the best decision when it comes to choosing a casino to gamble at.

Getting Familiar with Crypto Casinos

With all this information at your disposal, using a BTC casino is as easy as following these steps:

  1. To begin, you need to look for a cryptocurrency exchange from which you can buy your coins. Many trusted exchange sites offer cryptocurrency accounts, so choose the one that’s right for you, and get started. Please remember that different exchange sites feature different coins, so if you like Dogecoin, shop around for a company that offers it.
  2. You’ll need to obtain a crypto wallet, where you can keep your coins safe. The coins you’ve purchased will be kept in the exchange where they were bought until you need to store them more permanently. For long-term storage, however, you should secure your coins in your trusted crypto wallet.
  3. Once you have purchased your coins and deposited them into their respective wallets, it is now time to find a casino. Our Bitcoin casino reviews have already been researched so all you need to do now is choose a casino, sign up, deposit, and begin playing games.

Our Final Words on Crypto Casino Sites

People still pay excessive amounts for transactions at online casinos. We have just provided all the tips you need to proceed to play at a crypto casino with drastically low fees.

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are some of the safest ways of making deposits and withdrawals at an online casino. 

Although cryptocurrency remains an emerging technology, these types of casinos will become more prevalent in the not-so-distant future.

Knowing now that there’s an abundance of incentives, rewards schemes, and games at your disposal, you ought to check out the Crypto Casino Finder recommended sites for the ultimate gameplay experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does a crypto casino allow me to play my favorite games?

Various crypto games are offered by different casinos. You should know which games a crypto gambling casino offers before signing up. As we carefully review these crypto-related casinos, you should have no trouble finding one that suits your taste.

How do crypto casinos with no deposit bonuses work?

Casinos using cryptocurrency may offer no deposit bonuses, meaning you do not need to deposit money to claim them. Anyone can claim the offer, so no spending is required before claiming. They aren’t as frequent as the regular welcome bonuses, but gamblers still enjoy them.

Is it safe to play at a BTC casino?

Signing up and playing at BTC casinos is generally safe. Due to the way cryptocurrencies work, some may argue that it’s safer than most traditional casinos. Make sure the casino you join is licensed.

How do I create a crypto casino account?

Crypto-casino accounts are created just like any other online casino account. After you provide a few details about yourself and deposit funds, you can start playing. Unlike traditional online casinos, a Bitcoin casino requires less financial information. You can sign up faster and easier this way.

How do I deposit cryptocurrency at a casino?

Cryptocurrency deposits are fairly straightforward. Register for an account on the site where you’ll deposit money. Next, choose your cryptocurrency of choice and deposit. In the final step, you follow the steps on the page, usually requiring you to log in with your online crypto wallet or to send the amount of your deposit to the casino’s crypto wallet.

Are Bitcoin casinos legit?

Bitcoin casinos are usually legit since they have licenses and strict gambling laws. It’s best to stay away from sites that look sketchy.

What casino takes Bitcoin?

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are accepted by most online casinos. Here are our recommendations: mBit, 7Bit, and Mystake Casino.